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Leaders & Impact-Makers

Be certain in your ability to change the world

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Make the change you want a reality. 

These  options  are  for  you  if:

You are off your path.

You keep getting knocked off your path.

You don't know how to get back.

You want to keep moving forward.

You can't tolerate being off course anymore.

You will learn how to:

Find your way back quicker and easier

Move past what keeps tripping you up.

Be calmer more of the time.

Feel more fulfilled.

Achieve big things while still being you.


Pay for your change rather than time with me.

Signing up for mentoring or coaching is a scary investment. You don't know if the change is going to last ((if you even get any). You don't know if you are going to waste your money (most likely again). You might get "help" leaves you more frustrated than you are now. ​Then you are left with disappointment and hurt. I get it. I've been there too.

This is a different way of working together. You get the certainty of changing while honoring my vision of a better world with fewer INFPs and INFJs quitting because of their own limitations.


You pay me to stay with you until you reach an agreed-upon point. That way you pay for how you want to change, not the time you spend with me. But you must take ownership of your doubts and uncertainty to find real transformation. 

This mentoring provides the ability to:

  • Understand your overwhelming thoughts and feelings. 

  • Know how to feel mentally and emotionally balanced. 

  • Be less impacted by your thoughts and feelings.

  • Rewire your personality to become a much stronger you.

  • Be certain of your ability to make real change. 

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Find more on my YouTube Channel

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Hello there-

I'm Amelia Harshfield

I am someone who values authenticity, accountability, respect, and curiosity. I've done some incredible things and walked away from dream situations that are not aligned. What I'm most proud of is that I'm achieving what I've wanted deep down but never thought I could have. 

I've gone down the wrong path, tried  "shortcuts" that didn't work, been misled, bruised myself emotionally countless times, and more. But I've slowed down, looked at how I got myself off, soothed the hurt, and found my way back stronger than when I left. 

What I've found is that the more balanced I am, the more likely I can take the right steps forward. I reach new heights and learn new lessons.

This approach is unique. Most importantly it's effective in ways that other approaches are not. 

You need help with your journey. It's too easy to fall off by yourself and end up in the ditch. Allow me to help you get further along. Let's have a call to see if we are the team to get you to your next destination. 


The Maintaining Inner Peace Course

INFPs and INFJs are the only introverted intuitive feelers (INFx) out there. You need a unique and proven way to understand what is going on in your mind, calm yourself down, and get yourself back on track. Learn how to identify when you are off, what is going on when you are off, what to say to yourself to stabilize, and what actions help stay on course easier next time.

This program includes 10 modules with a bonus lesson, simple and actionable homework, a dedicated workbook, and lessons delivered to you every three days. This program is both compact and informative, offering insights and techniques you won't find elsewhere.

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"The unwavering belief in myself to create
lasting change is worth more than gold."

Amelia Harshfield


 The Maintaining Inner Peace Workbook:
Reduce Anxiety's Control On Your
Life, Business, and Impact

$14 Workbook

Anirudh Bharadwaj

“Trauma survivors have a hard time getting help in a world which is starkly indifferent to them. But Amelia makes the difference.
She empathized with my trauma, guided me and lead me while being vulnerable, a trait which is missing in today's world. The methods she employed in helping me were simple yet very effective, as opposed to the cookie cutter general mental tools that I received from the shrink that I was going to earlier. I strongly recommend people to go through her mentoring if they want to live a life beyond their trauma."

Laura Summs

"Amelia helped me get to the essence of my challenge quickly and clearly. I came away with a deeper understanding of the issue I was grappling with, as well as some practical and to-the-point approaches to work with going forward.
Thanks to her grounded support I had more insights into the issue which have helped me to work with it in an increasingly clear, constructive way. .L.S."

John Norton

“Amelia can help any business owner get unstuck. She has delighted entrepreneurs on Richard Brandon's private island and can do the same for you on a more one-on-one basis. If you are on the fence about getting her help, rest assured she can get you back on the road to success.”
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