Live a life that is right for you
Remove the blocks and find your freedom

When you are on your authentic path, you feel at ease with life.

You know what is right for you and you feel grounded.

You know who you are and what makes you tick.

You know that you have power and options.

You feel joyful because there your path is uniquely yours.

You are contributing in a way that lights you up. 

There is no competition.

Life is relaxing and peaceful.

You are happy and joyful.

You know you are doing what you were meant to do. 

Are you questioning yourself? 

Are you looking for support that doesn’t just give you another person's opinion to hash through?

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You will find your own unique part to play in creating your own freedom.

You will be the director, the actor, and the STAR of your life. 

And if there are any deep blocks or unseen obstacles, I have the skill to shine light on them to dissolve the power they have over your freedom, when you show up willing to do the work. 

You will discover deep insights to help yourself shine and create a bigger impact along your journey.

What are your values? Let me help you unpack them and put away the ones that are not yours. 

Use your ambition to create meaningful momentum for you.

Transform your current issues into a thing of the past. No need to worry about those anymore. 

See new possibilities of what can happen in your life.

Remove family patterns, bullying, and stronger energies that are blocking your truth, life, and freedom.  

When you work with me... 

Which of the 12 Traps are blocking your path?

Image by Maksim Shutov

You may have been knocked off your path by:

Not knowing who you are

Doing things you resent

People pleasing

Poor boundaries

Questioning your decisions

Struggling to speak up for yourself

Not knowing how to find your unique path

Feeling like life is working against you 

Plus past Trauma holding you back 

And more... 

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Hey there-

I'm Amelia. I help accomplished and successful people discover deep fulfillment, freedom, and authenticity.

This extra level of freedom is often elusive, especially to those who have carved the ‘right’ career paths, followed the footsteps of people they respect and admire.


They find themselves lacking that special something that gives them a true sense of themselves and ideally a feeling of personal freedom… they feel stuck in a role and don’t know how to get out of it.

My job is to help you define a life that is right for you. 


That doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job or walking away from your responsibilities.  


You will be surprised and delighted by how easy it is to unlock the magic of you and discover you are more special than you ever realized.


Transformation begins on the inside out.


You change your world by changing yourself.


Having the right mentor is key to your success.

Are you looking for a highly capable mentor to confide in and get results in overcoming your trauma, hang-ups, and dysfunction like me? Sharing out of my experience, I congratulate you because you have found the Mentor you've been looking for. – D.B.

I’m not doubting myself so much as I used to. It’s okay to feel “not okay” on some days instead of hiding it. You brought that compassion to me of not giving up on myself and to look at failures from a different perspective. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably would be in a miserable state.  - J.V.W.

Without Amelia’s help, I would be still in a bad place emotionally.  She is a prime example that one person can make a difference in someone’s life. I had no idea how my past could affect my present when it came to thoughts, communications, etc. - J.P.