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Become Resilient
Deepen your impact on the world

So you have been helping but you have a bigger vision. 

You see the next level you want for yourself and the world. 

It's so good and will be a game-changer. 

However, you have not been able to get there yet. 

You may not trust yourself anymore with your impact.

You might be questioning whether you can actually make it.

You may have listened to your therapist, business coach, and meditation tapes.

However, you are still nowhere close to where you want to go.

And you are left with the frustration of it all. 

What others are not saying is that your

stress, anxiety, doubts, unhelpful beliefs, and trauma 

keep you from achieving your dreams.

These non-tangible barriers show up in your life as: 

Regularly not acting as your best self.

Exhaustion from the ongoing stress.

Making poor decisions due to your anxiety and fear

Doubting yourself and your business too often. 

Frustrated with the control your business has over your life.

Feeling isolated, unseen, stuck, and/or hopeless.

If you stay on this path, you will be more frustrated,

have fewer options, and be unable to show up as the world needs you to. 

You probably want to be:
Confident in yourself and your decisions. 
Trusting your thoughts and fee
Proud of who you are and
your contribution. 
Making a difference in your unique style and way. 
Being the powerful force you were bor
n to be. 

Image by Suzanne Rushton

Barries to your success look like:

Not putting yourself first.

Wondering if you are good enough to play a bigger game. 

Being afraid that you will be exposed as a fraud

Pain from your past failures.

Being afraid of your power.

Needing to prove your worth. 

Following others' paths to success rather than yours. 

Being afraid of confrontation or abandonment.

and more... 

There are so many ways to sabotage yourself as a kind and caring difference-maker. 

I know that because I've been exactly where you are.

Being in your own way is so frustrating when you are trying to help. 

I know you probably have tried lots of tools and techniques that promised results.

I know how deflating it is when you are not experiencing any change from that "help".

I also know that it can be very hard to try again after being let down.

However, to get where you want to go you need to try different things to get different results.

My work is unlike anything you've done before.

It uses a unique way of understanding your issue.


It combines your Myers Briggs type and inner child work.

It is a personalized way of understanding how you are stuck.


Plus I'm a lifelong learner. I'm always up-leveling myself.

I'm also an expert at hearing different fears and hang-ups.

My clients see results quickly because of this.

They experience the magic of life

as they naturally rise to their new self from my work.

Then we repeat the process.

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Aren't you ready to:

Believe in yourself and your vision

Trust yourself and your decisions

Regularly feel confident, no matter what room you are in 

 Own the power that is within you

I've got several options to get you there.

From videos to workbooks to courses to private sessions.

The fastest and easiest route is my private session work.

However, these sessions are only right if you:

Are fed up with where you are stuck right now. 

Have the time to upgrade your life. 

Know that without committing fully, you cannot transform.

If you are ready to make the impact you were born to make,

send me a message here.

What my people are saying....

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Hey there-

Amelia Harshfield PRINT-4_edited.png

I'm Amelia Harshfield.

I've always felt called to make an impact. The world needs so much help.

I know that as I changed my inner world, my life would change.

I focused heavily on upgrading my life with the Myers Briggs type and inner child work. 

As I did so, my life became better and better.

It feels like magic at times as I cut ties with my old self. 

Each new level of strength brought heightened thinking.

I was out of my way more and more.

My impact expanded as I could handle more stress and uncertainty. 


I became a successful entrepreneur.

I invested very well in real estate. 

I can think in bigger terms of making an impact. 

I am building an empire of passive income businesses. 

The more capital I have, the more I can help.  


I now share what I've learned along my bumpy journey

with those who are marking their mark on the world. 

I believe that if people who are making a difference 

become less reactive they can help more.


Then the world becomes a better place.

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