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Leaders  & Impact   Makers

Find the freedom of being your true self

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These  programs  are  for  you  if:

You feel like an outsider

You are afraid of what others will think of your true self

You feel trapped by what you are currently doing

You want to go in a new unique direction

You are dissatisfied by your current life

Are  you  ready  to:

Learn how to create a more meaningful impact

Honor and listen to all of what you want, rather than just part of it

Learn how to create fulfilling connections 

Have less pressure and more fulfillment

Retreat into a mind that is an inner paradise


Results rather than sessions

Are you ready to experience unparalleled freedom and authenticity in your life, leadership, and impact? My solutions are designed for INFP, INFJ, INTP, and INTJ personality leaders and impact makers like yourself. 


Imagine a life where you break free from self-imposed limitations, embrace your true self, and create a lasting impact on the world by being the real you. 

Our transformative coaching provides you with the tools to:

  • Remove barriers that keep you stuck and unfulfilled

  • Experience levels of freedom you never thought possible

  • Feel the magic of life guiding you toward your next step

  • Create impact effortlessly, without self-sabotage

  • Enjoy a calm mind that works for you, not against you


Become More Resilient COURSE 

What's included in this transformational program are 10 modules with an added bonus lesson, all thoughtfully designed to facilitate your journey. You will receive a dedicated workbook to accompany each module, which will be conveniently delivered to your inbox every three days. The lessons are designed to be concise, taking an average of just 10 minutes of your time per module. This program is both compact and highly informative, offering insights and techniques that you won't find elsewhere.

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About me

I'm  Amelia  Harshfield

There are numerous ways to hinder progress in your endeavors, and I've experienced it firsthand.


I understand the frustration of being your own roadblock, struggling to see the potential, and lacking the know-how to move forward.

My approach is unlike anything you've encountered before. I offer a unique method for comprehending your ideas, problem-solving, and taking authentic steps forward.

I specialize in combining Myers-Briggs personality type insights with inner child work.


I'm skilled at addressing fears and hang-ups with INFP, INFJ, INTP, INTJs, and my clients experience rapid results.

As a pioneer always seeking new horizons, I've stepped outside so many things keeping me boxed in and playing small. Allow me to partner with you step out what is keeping you confined and go after what is right for you deep down.

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Learn more through my YouTube Channel

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“The freedom I’ve attained by learning how to be myself is worth more than gold."

Amelia Harshfield


Reduce Anxiety's Impact On Your Life 

Anxiety Workbook

Anirudh Bharadwaj

“Trauma survivors have a hard time getting help in a world which is starkly indifferent to them. But Amelia makes the difference.
She empathized with my trauma, guided me and lead me while being vulnerable, a trait which is missing in today's world. The methods she employed in helping me were simple yet very effective, as opposed to the cookie cutter general mental tools that I received from the shrink that I was going to earlier. I strongly recommend people to go through her mentoring if they want to live a life beyond their trauma."

Laura Summs

"Amelia helped me get to the essence of my challenge quickly and clearly. I came away with a deeper understanding of the issue I was grappling with, as well as some practical and to-the-point approaches to work with going forward.
Thanks to her grounded support I had more insights into the issue which have helped me to work with it in an increasingly clear, constructive way. .L.S."

John Norton

“Amelia can help any business owner get unstuck. She has delighted entrepreneurs on Richard Brandon's private island and can do the same for you on a more one-on-one basis. If you are on the fence about getting her help, rest assured she can get you back on the road to success.”
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