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Become Resilient
Deepen your impact on the world

Making a difference is tough when you are getting in your way. 


The stronger your inner game,

the more impact you can make. 


The more resilient you are the more you....

Trust your big vision is possible.

Stop having the same roadblocks over and over.

Continually elevate yourself to help the world. 

Know what you need to keep finding new solutions.

Trust yourself to handle conflict effectively. 

Know how to handle unforeseen situations. 

Flourish because you are regularly elevating yourself.

Research has shown that higher resilience
in the workplace is linked with
less stress and better emotional health.

When you work with me... 

Image by Suzanne Rushton

Or you might be stuck on:


Thinking you should be further along 

(rather than seeing the gifts now)


 Imposter syndrome

(your ideas aren't really that great) 

 Not prioritizing yourself  

(you are too busy for that)  

Believing you can't make money and be impactful

(only bad people do that)

Endless amounts of anxiety

(uncertainty is a b*tch)

Thousands of dollars spent on coaching with no results

(it's a sign you won't succeed)

and more... 

Regular drama in your relationships 
(you are clearly right)

Past trauma holding you back
(it's always going to keep you down)

There are so many ways to stay stuck as an impact maker. 
With my help...

You remove unhelpful beliefs, family patterns, and past-trauma

that are suffocating your truth, vision, and freedom.


I'll give you the information to move to the next level.

You learn how to cut the baggage weighing you down.

Then you effortlessly move forward.


Life will feel magical as you adjust to this new level of normal. 

Then we repeat the process.


Stop blocking your impact with your personal challenges.

Allow your vision to continue to grow.

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Hey there-

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I'm Amelia Harshfield.

I've always had the desire to make an impact. The world needs so much help.


I used to struggle with being clear on my vision, having the right tools and support, and not understanding why I was not succeeding. 

I worked on building resilience despite what was going on around me.

As I did so, my life became simpler and easier.


Each new level of strength brought heightened thinking.

I was out of my way more and more.

My impact expanded as I could handle more stress and uncertainty. 


Once I overcame those challenges, I became a successful entrepreneur.


I now share what I've learned along my bumpy journey to success

with those who are marking their mark on the world

I believe that if people who are making a difference 

become less reactive they can help more. 

Then the world becomes a better place.

I specialize in teaching clients how to become resilient.

My private session work is only right for those who:

Have the time to commit to upgrading their life. 

Understand where they are holding themselves back. 

Are willing to make the changes outside of the session.

Understand that without committing fully to the process you cannot expect transformation.

If you want to be internally stronger so you can help more, let's talk

Others' Experience

After working with Amelia, I'm not giving up on myself. I now look at failures from a different perspective.


If it wasn’t for her, I’d probably be in a miserable state. 

- J.V.W.

Are you looking for a highly capable mentor to get results in overcoming your trauma, hang-ups, and dysfunction?


I congratulate you because you have found the Mentor you've been looking for.

– D.B.

Amelia is a prime example that one person can make a difference in someone’s life.


Without her help, I would be still in a bad place emotionally. 

- J.P.

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