Become Unstuck

When you are following your unique path:

You know how you and your business are different from the crowd

You can sleep even when there are looming big decisions. 

You learn from mistakes and move on.

You ruthlessly support yourself. 

You trust that things are working out for the best. 

You make time for yourself. 

You listen to your intuition and inner knowing. 

When you work with me... 

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Or are may be stuck on:

Trying to control too many things (without this approach working well)

The stress of day-to-day business (something is always going wrong)

Imposter syndrome (people may see you as a fraud)

No real time for yourself (you are too busy for that)

Fear about money (so many things can go wrong)

Endless amounts of anxiety (uncertainty is a b*tch)

Business partner dilemma (you are clearly right)

Coaching has not helped before (it's a sign you will not succeed)

The pressure to perform (you'll be happy when things finally click)

Past trauma holding you back (it's so fun to work through)

And more... 

There are so many ways to stay stuck as an entrepreneur. 
With my help...

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You cut the baggage weighing you down.

Then you effortlessly move forward.

You are naturally lighter now.

Life will feel magical as you adjust to this new level of normal. 

Then we repeat the process.

I'll give you the information to move to your next level of freedom. 

Then you should stay there. 

When you show up ready to do the work, 

you discover deep insights to shine and create a bigger impact.

You'll be holding yourself back less.

Use your ambition to create momentum.

Transform your current issues into a thing of the past.

See new possibilities of what can happen in your life and business.

Remove unhelpful beliefs, family patterns, and past trauma that are obstructing your truth, life, and freedom. 

Which of the 12 Traps are blocking your path?

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Hey there-

I'm Amelia. I teach entrepreneurs to discover deep fulfillment, freedom, and authenticity.

This extra level of freedom is often elusive. Your life may feel heavy when it should feel light.


You might find yourself lacking that special something that gives you a sense of yourself and personal freedom. You may feel trapped in a role and don’t know how to get out.

There is no need to be miserable or treat yourself poorly. 

My job is to help you remove what is holding you back so you can feel more like yourself. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your business or walking away from your responsibilities.  

Let's change how you relate to yourself. Then see where you are at. 

Transformation begins on the inside out.

Having the right mentor is key to your success.

Are you ready to get unstuck?

Are you looking for a highly capable mentor to confide in and get results in overcoming your trauma, hang-ups, and dysfunction like me? Sharing out of my experience, I congratulate you because you have found the Mentor you've been looking for. – D.B.

I’m not doubting myself so much as I used to. It’s okay to feel “not okay” on some days instead of hiding it. You brought that compassion to me of not giving up on myself and to look at failures from a different perspective. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably would be in a miserable state.  - J.V.W.

Without Amelia’s help, I would be still in a bad place emotionally.  She is a prime example that one person can make a difference in someone’s life. I had no idea how my past could affect my present when it came to thoughts, communications, etc. - J.P.