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About Me

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Entrepreneurship is filled with countless pitfalls that lead you stressed and burnt out.


Then you add in being called to make a difference which can be exhausting and deflating.


I’ve spent so much time doubting myself, discouraged by the lack of results, feeling helpless with what I’m doing, thinking about giving up, and wondering if it will ever work, all while being unfulfilled with other aspects of my life.


I wanted to take the next step in making a difference. To help more and make a bigger impact with my business.

But I had so many inner barriers blocking my progress:

🧨 I don’t have value to add if I’m more visible

🧨 There are other people who can do the same thing

🧨 I need to prove others wrong

🧨 I should be doing more

🧨 I should be further along

🧨 My past is always going to hold me back


Learning transformational inner child work specific to my Myers Briggs type allowed me (and still does), to meet myself in a way I’ve never done before.


I've learned how to:

🌻 Listen to the different parts of me (called cognitive functions)

🌻 Identify when those parts of me are feeling off

🌻 Drive my life forward while addressing my fears

🌻 Comfort the inner children of my Myers Briggs type


This work has taken me a long way.

I was miserable, lost, making bad financial decisions, being swayed by others’ reactions and opinions, being highly anxious, and hoping others would notice my worth.


I am no longer struggling with those inner barriers.


I continually let go of my unhelpful beliefs, fears, doubts, and anxieties so I can:

🌕 Take the next step in the journey

🌕 Handle bigger and better opportunities

🌕 Be more confident

🌕 Trust me more


I know that sabotaging your impact, happiness, and fulfillment is depressing.


But there is immense power in this work.

It is nothing like you've experienced before. 


If you are fed up with how you are sabotaging your life like I was, contact me here.

I have a Master's Degree in Economics. I am a Senior Mentor from the Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration. I am a successful Real Estate and e-commerce investor.


My work has been featured in magazines, podcasts, and YouTube Channels. I've presented at conferences and summits. My presentation about reducing anxiety was called the most simple and powerful training ever seen when I presented to high-level entrepreneurs on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island. 

I am known for ever-expanding, transforming old beliefs and trauma, and finding freedom as some of my many gifts.

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