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About Me

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I've turned my life into one that is prosperous and significant.


I can look for options when things continue to not work (resilience and stubbornness come in handy). 

I own 12 properties without making oodles of money (several of which are paid off). 

I've helped a business make their biggest sale in 20 years when everything was shut down during Covid (I can work magic). 

I can be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I'm fascinated with removing my triggers to people, uncertainty, struggles, and more. Then watching how my life naturally upgrades. 

I believe the fewer unhealthy attachments I have, the more I can be myself. So I regularly work on how to be less affected by annoying people, perceived catastrophic events, and things not going "right".

I have a Master's Degree in Economics plus certifications in mentoring and transformation.


My work has been featured in magazines, podcasts, and YouTube Channels. I've presented at conferences and summits. This was called the most simple and powerful training ever seen around anxiety when I presented to high-level entrepreneurs on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island. 

I am known for ever-expanding, transforming trauma, and finding freedom as one of my many gifts.

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Which of the 12 Traps are blocking your path?