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Image by Steven Kamenar

About Me

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I've always felt an internal calling to help but didn't know how... for years. 

I had a feeling that as I focused on being less impacted by what was occurring around me, things would naturally change for the better. 

Years of that changed my life from being unhappy, uncertain about my strengths, placing too much attention on others, feeling far away from my vision, stuck on anxiety, and struggling to stick up for myself and my vision. 

My mind has become a calm place. I've become sure of my vision. The relationships in my life became mutually beneficial. I've made more money year after year. I understand how I'm unique and how I can add value. 

My vision has evolved into buying stable and simple income-producing assets (businesses and real estate). Then using those to fund projects that create social impact. And of course, teaching others what I have learned along the way. 

I have a Master's Degree in Economics plus certifications in mentoring and transformation.


My work has been featured in magazines, podcasts, and YouTube Channels. I've presented at conferences and summits. My presentation about reducing anxiety was called the most simple and powerful training ever seen when I presented to high-level entrepreneurs on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island. 

I am known for ever-expanding, transforming old beliefs and trauma, and finding freedom as some of my many gifts.

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