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Make progress with
your idea or opportunity
Reduce Anxiety's Impact On Your Idea

Become More Resilient

Reduce Anxiety's Impact On Your Idea and Your Life

A COMPREHENSIVE 14-Page Workbook

by Amelia Harshfield




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Anxiety can sabotage your ability to get your idea out there. 

You cant make good decisions. 

You don't show up as your best self. 

You aren't confident. 

You may doubt your ability to succeed. 

Then you are left frustrated with yourself and the process. 

This was created to teach you to:

Trust your big vision is possible.

Stop having the same roadblocks over and over.

Know what you need to find new solutions.

Trust yourself to handle problems

Know how to handle unforeseen situations. 

Feel confident because you are exploring your idea and opportunities.

When you work with me... 

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What You Will Recieve...

Did you know...

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The World Health Organization cites that depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion worth of productivity each year.

This means there is a measured and significant impact of anxiety and depression.


It also makes people more likely to develop diseases according to Dr. Gabor Mate…. a physician who studies the impact of poor stress management. 

There are so many ways to stay stuck with your idea. 
With the workbook's help...

You identify the fears that are keeping you stuck.

You learn how to ease those fears

so you can make new progress with your idea.


You become more resilient so you can be less afraid of risk.

Then you can take quicker steps with your journey.


You also learn how to get out of your way.

Your idea has more likelihood to succeed.

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