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If you are super anxious it's going to be tough to make an impact.

Your anxiety will block your progress and ability to contribute to the world.

As you get better at using the breathing methods I teach, identifying your emotions, practicing calming methods, and talking to yourself in a self-supportive way, you will stop allowing anxiety to block your progress.

You will trust yourself to handle stress.

Learning vital skills to raise your resiliency allows you to make a bigger impact...
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When you work with me... 

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Is This Course For You?

What's Included:

A Comprehensive Workbook with homework.

 That means practical activities to reduce your anxiety from DAY ONE!

Plus space for you to note your insights and 'aha' moments.

10 Modules delivered to your inbox every three days

Module Breakdown...

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Module 1:

Practice Simple Breathing Techniques

Module 2:

Practice Ball Breathing Exercise

Module 3:

Identify Your Emotions

Module 4:

Recognize When You're Anxious 

Module 5:

Practice Calming Activities


Module 6:

Build Constructive Self-Talk 

Module 7:

Address Your Needs

Module 8:

Prepare for When You Will Be Anxious 

Module 9:

Identify Underlying Causes of Anxiety

Module 10:

Become Resilient

There are so many ways to stay stuck as an impact maker. 

With my help...

You remove unhelpful beliefs, family patterns, and past-trauma that are suffocating your truth, vision, and freedom.

I'll give you the information to move to the next level.

You learn how to cut the baggage weighing you down.

Then you effortlessly move forward.


Life will feel magical as you adjust to this new

level of normal. 

Then we repeat the process.

Stop blocking your impact with your personal challenges.

Allow your vision to reach the next level.

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