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Maintaining Inner Peace Workbook
Release anxiety's control on your life, business, and impact

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Maintaining Inner Peace

Release Anxiety's Control On Your Life, Business, and Impact

A COMPREHENSIVE 14-page Workbook

for $14 USD. 

Anxiety sabotages your ability
to be your true self.

This  workbook  is  for  you  if:

You are reguarly thrown off by anxeity

You don't know how to get back on track

You feel severly limited by your anxiety

You are over this happening to you

This  was  created  to  teach  you  to:

Identify when you are off

Know what actions you need to do to feel like you again

Know what to say to get yourself to relax  and calm down

Get yourself back on track faster and easier

Trust yourself in a new way

Image by Suzanne Rushton

What  will  you  receive?

Nior Gonzales

“Amelia's workbook on reducing anxiety lists some excellent strategies to help identify the emotions you are feeling, and action steps you can take to help reduce anxiety caused by stress. Her step-by-step strategies help you identify all the emotions who may be experiencing and to name those feelings. I highly recommended Amelia's workbook on reducing stress and anxiety."

Tim Cox

“Amelia is wonderful to work with. Her calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge is great for getting you the assistance you need. Her anxiety workbook is truly fantastic and provides several different methods to better manage your anxiety. I found it super helpful and look forward using it regularly going forward. Thanks so much!”
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