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Private Sessions…

Let's give your idea some movement. 

Learn how to actualize your idea.

Know what you need to move forward.

Be less swayed by others' opinions. 

Trust yourself more.

Honor your vision. 

Be more courageous.

Explore that internal calling. 


Two packages:

One month

Three 45-minute calls

$1970 USD upfront or

Two payments of $1250 USD

Three months 

Three 45 calls per month. 

$4750 USD upfront or

Three payments of $2000 USD



Before you can sign up for a package, you must schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me to see if you are the right fit.

What Others Are Saying... 

Image by Luca Bravo

There are countless ways to stay stuck with your idea.


Connect with me below for tips on how to get moving. 

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