Now feeling self-love

I was facing a lack of self-love because of an emotional trauma that rose up because of my recent divorce. It was causing me to feel depressed, numb from my life, and unable to handle my work. Amelia helped me get in touch with the wounded parts of me so I could hear them and give them the healing they needed. As a result I am a lot more present in my life and feel a sense of inner love that was lacking and also hopeful. I’m present in my life and more in control of me. Without her help I would be further in depression or lost control of my life and stuck in the bleakness of it.  -K.X.

Results in a short period of time

I was amazed by the results I achieved in a short amount of time. I learned ways to talk myself through conflict that had lasting results beyond our time spent in sessions. I discovered that the details of my struggles matter less than the ways that I learn to adapt and work through them. Understanding my own response to situations has helped me be more compassionate with both myself and others.  -A.A.

You can deliver what others wouldn't know how to do

I feel like you get it. I like your simplicity. You can deliver what others wouldn’t know how to do. - Ricardo Jimenez  Entrepreneur/Author/Investor


Transformed my pain

If you are struggling with past Trauma that is holding you back from experiencing your authentic life, you should have some sessions with Amelia. She holds space and will not turn away from whatever emotion you bring to the table. She was able to do this when a therapist was not able to do that for me. She helped me with the grief and the challenges I’m experiencing right now to make me feel better about it. She was able to witness and transform the pain that can come with life and traumatic life experiences. Thank you Amelia for your work, your time, and your expertise.  -M.S.

Unlocked thoughts and feelings restricting me 

Amelia has a special way of working with people to bring them close to themselves. She helped unlock unhelpful thoughts and feelings restricting me from performing at my most aligned and purpose-focused self. She engaged our whole group while on Necker Island for our Forming Impact leaders and left everyone with something they could take forward as they lead with purpose. - Fiona Macintyre - Forming Impact CEO

Learned to not give up on myself

I’m not doubting myself so much as I used to.  I’m still figuring out what are the proper steps to get a career choice on the right path, but I have the confidence to do so. You showed me that it’s okay to feel “not okay” on some days instead of hiding it. You brought that compassion to me of not giving up on myself and giving advice to look at failures from a different perspective. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably would be in a miserable state.  - J.V.W.

Coming home to myself

I was facing a lack of self esteem and confidence due to some traumatic experiences in my life. It was preventing me being fully present and exploring and getting in touch fully with my authentic self. Amelia helped me to see the parts of myself and bring them into conscious awareness, in ways that have increased both my self awareness and my confidence. As a result, I have gained a greater acceptance around my sensitivity and feel more empowered around who I am, and how to come into alignment in ways that feel more authentic. I found her to be insightful and experienced her as warm, compassionate and validating. I now feel I’m well on the way of coming home to myself.  -M.S.

Better confidence with less self-doubt

I put off getting a mentor due to perceiving myself as inferior and insecure, which resulted in my cynical belief that a mentor could not help me. Working with Amelia as a mentor to sorting out my psychobabble and inner conflict has increased my confidence and decreased time wasted in self-doubt or rescuing others. I am on target to achieve goals in the external world from a place of stable and sustainable joy and peace. I am experiencing a new normal in life resulting from Amelia teaching me to let go of a fragmented existence to embrace a unified one. - D.B.

I feel empowered now

I’m still finding my way through my emotions but I don’t feel so weak and beat down, I feel empowered knowing where my emotions came from and that I can change them with work. Without Amelia’s help, I would be still in a bad place emotionally.  She is a prime example that one person can make a difference in someone’s life.  I can’t tell you how much it meant to me just to have someone understand where my thoughts were coming from.  I had no idea how my past could affect my present when it came to thoughts, communications, etc. That validation was truly a gift and it will help me evolve into a better person.  - J.P.

Stronger and more focused

Amelia helped me understand more about my personality type and what makes my brain work. I've become stronger and more focused on what's important from the sessions we had together. Whenever I felt I was needing help I looked back on my notes from our sessions and it helped get me lined back out. Also if I need anything she right there ready to help.  -C.H.

Overcame my hang-ups and dysfunction

Are you looking for a highly capable mentor to confide in and get results in overcoming your trauma, hang-ups, and dysfunction like me? Sharing out of my experience, I congratulate you because you have found the Mentor you've been looking for. – D.B.

Move beyond the pain

I was comfortable and able to talk about some bullying events that were difficult for me in the past. By discussing them I wasn't triggered by them, in fact, I came to understand the bullying perpetrators in the session so that I could forgive them. “They know not what they do”, came to me and I was able to impart this to an aspect of me so I felt less of a victim. (They did know, but did not fully comprehend what effect or harm they caused). 

I also gained insight into what is important to me is not always important to others, despite how loudly or for how long I would attempt to inform them. I highly recommend Amelia Harshfield’s mentoring work. She is both a compassionate and articulate healer.  -S.S. 

Clarity with the issue 

I was lucky to have the opportunity for a 1-2-1 session with Amelia Harshfield recently. She is so insightful and helped me get to the essence of my challenge quickly and clearly. I came away with a deeper understanding of the issue I was grappling with, as well as some practical and to-the-point approaches to work with going forward. 


The substance of the session really stayed with me, and thanks to her grounded support I had more insights around the issue which have helped me to work with it in an increasingly clear, constructive way. I can definitely recommend working with Amelia to anyone who is serious about creating healthy, effective change in their everyday lives.  -L.S.